Business Leaders, Buyers, Sellers & Pricing Managers find all relevant B2B Pricing Information in aicorite®

Quickly and effectively implement larger price adjustments without:

  • Losing suppliers/customers or jeopardizing business relationships
  • Inadequate facts, trends and information on market and competition conditions
  • Significant time and effort in negotiation preparation

With aicorite®, you will be perfectly prepared in a matter of minutes to achieve the best prices in purchasing or sales for your company in every negotiation.

Dr. Björn Schuppar
Founder & Managing Director
Our customers are Decision Makers, Business Managers and Influencers in Sales, Marketing, Price Management, Finance & Controlling, Procurement, Supply Chain & Risk Management and Sustainability Management.

Top-notch companies of all sizes trust aicorite for their price negotiations.

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Faster implementation of price increases
Interview Jaenette Dechamps
Area Sales Manager –
epsotech Germany
Convincing argumentation for price increases with aicorite
Interview Brad Larkan
General Manager UK & Ireland,
Vide President USA & Canada,
Systematic preparation for price negotiations with aicorite
Interview Stefan Picker
Managing Director Automotive,

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